Secret love letter

The seductive sounds of a four-piece jazz band; a scat-cat afternoon buzzin’ on too much caffinee.

If there is such a thing.

Thank God I’ve got this music to fill me up. I feel so empty.

I can’t believe I left him standing in the rain.

It rained last night.

It’s very sunny today.

The weather irritates my mood with it’s inconsistency.

How can a person be less predictable than the weather?

I’m a mess.

This trigger! Being pulled at by a shaky crook-hand up my back side and I am angry.

Old and worn down.

What did she ever give to him other than his drink? A stiff drink is nice but not nearly as nice as her sex.

I can’t figure it out.

And for what?

To discover that he had shaved himself, by coincidence?

I doubt that.

I wonder what it’s like to be a man? To make love to a woman…

I wonder if he thinks… what I think?

I doubt that.

I’m a mess.

I’ll bet she’s a bitch.


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31 10 2012
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