In The Press

A collection of releases written by yours truly:

05-13-2012 Announces Next Generation Mom Blog

05-10-2012 Business Success Starts Here: Celebrity Speakers, International Orators And Successful Entrepreneurs Come Together For The Largest Women’s Gathering In The Nation

05-07-2012 Networking And Educational Organization Celebrates A Member’s Success: Creative Copywriter Finds A New Beginning At CEO Space Maryland

04-29-2012 Next Generation Indie Record Label Established With $60: Dreams Come True For Canadian Singer/Songwriter

04-28-2012 Win The Race of Life at 180MPH: Female Motorcycle Racer Invited To TED Conference in Montreal 

04-05-2012  President Obama Supports Crowd-Funding with JOBS Act: Free Webinar Series Reveals The Benefits For Entrepreneurs And Business Owners

04-02-2012 New Task Management System Organizes Virtual Team: Save Money With Virtual Assistance

03-29-2012 The Secrets To Raising Capital: Marketing Expert Speaks In San Diego Supporting Business Owners And Entrepreneurs

03-17-2012 Teen Author Speaks Out About Girls’ Self-Esteem In Exclusive Interview With BYOU Be Your Own You Magazine

03-10-2012 Celebrity Attorney Partners With Executive TV Producer Promoting Business Success

03-07-2012 Former Blizzard Employee Joins Children’s Edutainment Network 

03-02-2012 Event Planning Tools Featured In Online Project Software 

02-22-2012 Kid-Safe Email

02-19-2012 Kid-Safe YouTube 

02-18-2012 BYOU Announces “Tween” Magazine 

02-16-2012 BizPAD President And CMO 

02-15-2012 Kid-Safe Browser 

02-06-2012 Club TUKI Patents Reward System 

02-04-2012 Escondido Mayor Supports TUKI

02-03-2012 New Ownership For BizPAD

02-02-2012 Children’s Financial Literacy 

02-01-2012 Club TUKI Premiere Party 

01-31-2012 Hollywood Profit Faucet 


One response

19 06 2012
David Freeto

Scribed a fun/nice/complimentary email for you re: your great piece in recent Reader Blog….how to send it to you via eamil, please ?
Email is all I know how to use, uinless I print it and mail (USPS) it to Reader, to see If they’ll forward it ?

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