Flash Fiction: Drive

16 05 2011

The sun was setting quickly in the west; the darkness surrounding, like an aperture closing around a memory. The noise of the engine  hummed above everything, coaxing the pedal down deeper. Until it was on the floor. She wiped a tear from her eye before it shed. She laughed.

Sun glided away from the horizon on tiny ripples of gold ribbon. Stretching her arm out,  fighting the wind, she imagined touching the waving light; wondered what it might feel like. Was it real? She approached a familiar curve in the road that use to send her body into excitement, but now was driving her insane. A noxious urge; she would resist it.

She rubbed her eyes. The length of curve took her up a subtle incline, the ocean now almost head-on. Could she drive forever on this sweet bend? Drive straight into the blue fading? The wheel slid through her grip, correcting itself with ease as the hum pushed through the curve until she traced it backwards in the rear mirror.

Purple night shades crept over the hillsides of a foreground in green and gray. The salt heavier in the air now, clung to her lips. She rescued another tear.  Half grinned. The evening coast air was stirring something inside her, twisting her stomach tighter, punching the air from her lungs. Locked in a stare; her chin close to her chest, trying to breathe, trying to see the road beyond her heavy gaze. Just a little further, she thought.

The road was familiar. She closed her eyes for a couple of seconds. Opened them, and laughed; thinking she had tempted fate, and won. The exit was just ahead, the sun gone and the night all around her. The hum began to fade. The green reflecting sign was getting bigger and bigger. The words were getting bigger and bigger. She read them over and over until the lines of the letters had lost all meaning. And just as the sign passed over her, eyes following it up and beyond the windshield, she grabbed the wheel and pulled it free from the lane, cutting across the white broken pattern that kept her safe. Car horns emerged from above the roar of the 350 engine, like laser beams shooting out into the dark. The steel tail of the car whipped left with exhilarate force, pulling her deep into the pocket of the door frame; the force drawing her face to sea. Out the window, the horizon an imaginary line in the dark: oblivion. She lifted her grip off the wheel, softened her foot against the floor and closed her eyes.

Tears, as free as the road now pulled under her forward momentum. She laughed. She was going to be okay.




One response

26 05 2011

This post is hauntingly beautiful. I can’t help but wonder where did it come from? Sorry for not writing you sooner, Comp III is kicking my butt.

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