1 03 2011

I still don’t know how to speak Korean. Learning a foreign languages is hard. But inevitably I have picked up useful phrases, words and noises, that help the day-to-day. Such as:

I don’t eat meat.

How much is this?

Can I have more water?

Can you say that again slowly?

What do you mean I have to stay here overnight!


But I had no idea that was illegal in Korea!

And along with all of these incredibly useful phrases, I have learned some not-so-useful vocabulary as well, particularly swear words, and all words relating to my race: which is I think American, or female, or blond, I’m not really sure actually. But this is why, when I was standing at the elevator waiting on the first floor the other day, I knew he was talking about me.

Clear as day, “Look at that white girl! Look, look, look!”

I was ready to turn around and shoot this mo-fo the death stare; another useful trick I picked up in Korea.

“Look at her hair! Look, look mom!”

Mom? I turned around as the young mother was desperately trying to cover up her sons mouth. He was maybe two and a half feet tall; I could have easily taken him out, but I was stunned: by how blatantly obvious he was being! I don’t even speak Korean and I knew he was talking about me. And it wasn’t because he was using his cute, little, chubby index finger to point at me either! Oh no! I heard the words straight from his mouth. I was furious. If a kid back home in San Diego, freaked out and started shouting at a Mexican, “Look, look, a Mexican!” Every person standing around that mother would have looked her up and down and judged the hell out of her parenting skills. But here, it was like: Eh, whatever.

This 5-year-old is clearly racist, but I don’t know who I am more disappointed in: the people around me who didn’t react to his tantrum, or his mother, for not teaching him at an earlier age, that racism is something we must hide on the inside until that person is gone. Only then do we laugh at their expense. I decided not to kick this kid’s ass, primary because his mother could have been a ninja; it’s really hard to tell in Korea. But also, I felt like I learned something. I have never felt white before; I’ve never really left like any color, I just feel like me. But when that kid attacked me with his vicious racial bigotry, I knew: I need to start tanning.




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1 03 2011

So is that an actual picture of the little offender?

I am sure it was not a funny incident at the time, but this was a great blog entry. I laughed so hard when I read the bit about the kid’s mom possibly being a ninja; you can never tell about anyone these days. LOL.

Sucks to be the minority out there I’m sure, but you just have to keep on trucking.

5 08 2011
grow up, seriously

Dear God, grow up. Seriously. I’m sure it was unpleasant dealing with that, but that’s what some kids do. When kids do it, it’s not malicious. You need to understand that, not necessarily put up with it, but deal with it in a mature manner.

“If a kid back home in San Diego, freaked out and started shouting at a Mexican, “Look, look, a Mexican!” Every person standing around that mother would have looked her up and down and judged the hell out of her parenting skills. But here, it was like: Eh, whatever.”

Right. Sure they would.

6 08 2011

I can’t even begin to express how tickled I was to see this comment. Not only is it the first time someone has publicly tried to shame me, it’s ridiculous in its attempt to be critical of my writing. First, I don’t know what you mean by asking me to grow up. I’m 24 and I don’t think I can age any faster than you. And I don’t care what anyone says, farts will always be funny, I bet even you laugh when your dog lets out a squeakier. Second, your effort at pointing out that I am immature for making this observation is misguided because I am being satirical, and ironic. And finally, if you couldn’t weed out any of that on your own, yet you took the time to analyze my work, without a clear attempt to read it properly, you are no better than me for labeling a kid, who wasn’t racist (that’s called irony) a bigot. But than again maybe I’ve got it wrong, maybe you are the one being ironic. OH! it’s like the movie Inception! I don’t know who is being ironic because it’s all overlapping and folded over on itself….oh wait, no. It’s me. I’m Ironic and funny, and you are have a stick up your ass about kids.

26 12 2012


4 11 2012

Aghh…. I feel really awful when little korean kids point at foreigners and shout at them.
Even as a korean myself, i hate those kids……

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