I’ve Got a Thing for Scarves

7 11 2010

A friend once said Fall was their favorite time to be in love. I’m from southern California, a place where only two seasons exist: Summer and, I guess we could just go see a movie. Perhaps this is why I didn’t understand the statement. Korea is literally changing before me. In three months I’ve  sweat out the summer humidity, walked ankle-deep in monsoon flooding; now anticipating the first snow.

Watching the leaves slowly change, delicately pulled to the wind from a tender segment, I think it could be beautiful: falling in love. We hug ourselves deep with layers of corded sweaters and hoodies; replace light sun-kissed yellow and orange with rich shades of purple and gray. Varied textures send our hands over and under folds of fabric; tug at a friends scarf. And scarves! It’s almost too easy; the flirtatious nature of frayed edges and flannel scarves. Twisting up the sensitive flesh of necks begging to be touched. Scarves. There is romance in layering. Each draped layer undone reveling face, neck, shoulder, curve. It’s a time to revel in the comfort of familiar interiors, that never look more cosey than on rainy Autumn evenings. The need to be closer, disguised in rosy cheeks, every inch closer more intentional than a matching glove and scarf set. Did I mention scarves? Couples face to face blow steaming cups of coffee, to chill the heat; between them a table and two right hands play together, searching for more skin. In the elevators we complain to strangers about the cold, breaking the ice confidently over this shared experience. Next time I’ll ask him for his number. Bump into hips, walking side by side down busy sidewalks where those same leaves that change, fall over top us, kick up as we walk, through the season.

Check out some great ambient music for chilly days:

Courtesy Joey Crotty aka Sulci




4 responses

7 11 2010

I recommend reading this entry while the music is playing.

10 11 2010

Hey Whit, I love this piece. You were able to take me on a trip down memory lane…..now I’m homesick 🙂 Kick that “writer’s block” to the curb. We need more!!

10 11 2010

So glad you liked it. Does this mean you have a thing for scarves too? 🙂

10 11 2010

Oh yes….I’m a scarf girl from way back!! 🙂

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