People Watching at Lake Park

1 11 2010

Sitting on steps of stone to face the lake blue gentle.

Dancing white light speckles clustered below an unobstructed sun.

Horizon of jagged tree tops. Shades of green, some shadowing, create a painters pallet of foliage.

According to the sky, it’s about noon.

Wheels of all sizes are spinning in circles; filling the space with click-click sounds as children learn to go about on two instead of four.

Cameras click-snap, aperture capture a memory. A moment lost in antiquity, while we play in the warmth.

The foreground: a pagoda peaks  through the bush, hiding.

Further, towers erect towards the blue, egg shell sky.

Wind catches my long bleached hair, and pulls through it roughly like familiar fingers. Whispers: telling me how beautiful the day is.

Squinting behind black sunglasses, I smile while I watch the people play.




One response

15 09 2011

A moment’s vivid imprint,
A day’s effervescent eddies
A memory’s gold-washed beauty
is captured here.

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