30 10 2010

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Probably more profound than the city itself, are the international travelers, writers, explorers, teachers I have met along the way. Each wanderers story only limited by the confidence they have to tell it. Over a beer, a cubical wall; on a subway ride to the city, or a ten minute walk home after work. Each foreign reason which has brought all of us here begs the question or the nature in our humanity to find a common thread. To string together each story and find meaning in a circumstance that to a recent resident requires explanation. Why are you here? Why am I here? Is the answer a solution to the loneliness of the journey? It would require a life time of conversation, time people here in the city simply don’t have. To piece together empirical evidence that suggests each of our varied histories belong to a single moment: boarding a plane and saying goodbye. But it is this, for now, that seems to be that common experience. We are gone. Gone from the familiar and reconstructing our senses to align with that now around us. Breath in the smell of red pepper and cabbage, listen to the silence of a crowded room conversation in a language we don’t understand. Feel the brisk of Autumn wind usher in the change of season, see the neon night lit spectacle.




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31 10 2010
Cathy Linder

Whitney I think you have a genuine calling for writing, I love your creative and descriptive phrases. I pray that God keeps you safe in this journey. Aunt Cathy

1 11 2010

Thank you very much. It has been a time of introspection, something I wish to comunicate in my writing. I am so glad you visited the site. Thank you.

1 11 2010

This is super exciting, Whitney. I’m really impressed by the depth and meditative method of your writing so far. It’s as if you’re talking about this ongoing experience; the smells, the sounds, but you’ve kept it shrouded under a blanket of subjective, and even dreamy narration, and I swear I can see what’s under the sheet but I’m dying for you to unveil it. I really want to read more.

2 11 2010

Bobby, Thank you so much! Coming from a fellow artist this means a lot. I appreciate the thought; to continue on, it’s nice to know what does and does not work for a reader. I struggle sometimes with wanting to say so much, while still being able to make the thoughts relatable on several levels. My experience will always be just that, mine. So it’s important that it translate through the sheet so to speak, and work for the reader as well. Thanks again.

2 11 2010

Well I think it’s very fluid in it’s form and intriguing in nature. You really come through in a cool way through your writing. It’s like I’m hanging out with you again. It’s really touching. This is not a typical blog.

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