A Moment of Zen: 6th Grade Haiku Poetry

24 10 2010

We started the poetry section of our literature curriculum, so to get the juices going I decided to let them play poet and introduced the 17 syllable challenge of Haiku. I told them to capture a single thought or moment, using nature as inspiration. Some of them really got it and surprised the hell out of me. Some of them didn’t. You be the judge.

The wide and blue sky.

Shelter for all the sky beasts

Shield for the land beasts.


Down flows clear spring stream

Which cleans the dirt from the rocks.

As if it was so.


Garden of roses.

One lonely pure white blossom;

A small petal falls.


There was a planet.

It went inside a black hole.

Now we can’t see.


I walk across and

Watch the colorful forest.

It takes me away from here.


Computers are fun.

They are very fun and cool,

Thanks to Mr. Bill Gates.




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