23 10 2010

Sunday. Said to be a day of rest; from the work week, from the hustle of the day to day, and the occasional Saturday night outing ending at the bottom of one too many bottles of beer. When I woke today and heard the rain still stippling off the window sill, I couldn’t help but pull the covers up past my head snuggling deeper into my pillow. It’s become problematic, that I have made it  somewhat of a habit: sleeping well into the morning. I stay up late, watching commercial free television on my computer and translated episodes of old Law and Order on T.V.. But it’s difficult to escape this rhythm; one which seems to be the healthy life blood of this city. The days are humid and stale rendering the night oasis a time of activity. Almost anything can get done here, under the shade of night, it’s simply not what I am use to. I miss my sun light in Escondido, clear full sky, dry and hot. Here I look up and see the open space I know goes on forever, but the monsoon season smears thick overcast gray, and I can’t say I believe it’s the same sky anymore. It’s not. Further, the night presses and I have no choice but to follow.




One response

23 10 2010
yovanni M

you did mean overcast gray not gay right?

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