23 10 2010

After hours of travel, and the anxiety washing over the unfamiliar, all I wanted was to unpack and hold my belongings in my hands and begin to take root. May walked me to my building. Up the elevator to the 6th floor, room 615, at the end of the hall: my apartment. I opened the door to the back-lit space. The moon was shinning in from a windowed wall in the rear. In the foreground a church and steeple. Farther, another apartment building casting geometric shapes in every direction. Window after window, balcony after balcony, aged from distinct whether, yet so  perfectly symmetrical in places it mimicked wall paper outside the window scape. May turned on the light and a delicate warm glow bounced up off the light wood floors. From the corner of my eye, May struggled to hold back a cringe,as I forgot to remove my shoes before I began to prance around the space touching everything as my eyes moved across the room. The rectangular studio was delightful. The kitchen with no counter space was perfect for one.The washing machine was in the kitchen, unusual, but it made sense under the stove top. The bed under the window was bigger than I expected, not that I had any idea really what to expect, but there it was: a full. I felt like a queen. The bathroom was a sterile white; tile and grout covered everything like showers of a gym. Everything slanted towards one drain in the corner. The glass enclosure of the shower was covered in a light film of grey. A shower, I couldn’t wait.

May beamed as she showered me how to use the various feature of my new apartment. The washing machine, the air conditioning and heater, and when she was through I walked her to the door which was covered in locks I had never seen before and shut it behind her. I pulled, pushed, twisted, and clasped all the locks tight and turned around to the space. As excited as I was to set up what few things I had, I couldn’t bring myself to do it just yet. I was so tired all I could manage was a quick rinse and wardrobe change. I hit the bed, and I mean quite literally I hit it. As I fell onto the mattress I exhaled in defeat over the stiff support; it harder than sleeping standing up. I searched for a moment to find an adequate position, but before I could ponder over how I was going to solve the problem, I woke up.




One response

25 10 2010

Honey the apartment looks so clean, where is your stuff? Did you take this before you unpacked? Also how do you dry your clothes?
With the way you like to cook I can see the kitchen as a bit challenging!
You did a great job of helping me see Korea thru your eyes!
I miss you! Love ya!

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